Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My first order completed..

Hi friends,
last week friday i was on the way to bank, very sadly was looking the dull sky. A gift shop flashed and said my driver to stop there. That time i had two small quilled greeting cards in my hand. Went inside and saw an old man in the cashier place. I thought how will a man in 60's admire my handmade card. But prayed my God and showed him. Wow!! was his reaction. He started giving orders square shape 25 cards, triangle 50 cards, etc.. i was thinking whether it is a dream!! my reaction was "Great work i have done"
And today i submitted his orders to him. today his comment was "You have done a great job".

I am double happy today.. my hubby use to tell me that i have spent too much money for my hobby. Now my hobby has got a name. Also the old man gave an excellent order "Simple birthday party invite" i am excited to start this.
Just thought to share my happiness..

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Royal Flower

After a long time spent few mins for quilling when my 10 month old boy Jishnu was sleeping. but he got up when i was doing the last petal of the flower. Somehow managed to finish and design it on a card.

I saw this flower in suganthi's blog and tried my hands!!