Monday, February 21, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quilled Teddy

I made this teddy today morning.. It didnt take much time.

I used the quilling coach to quilling the body and head.

Later with crimper did the outline..

Finally decorated with kundan stones to give a brighter look.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine Card

This simple card i made for Piyu's take a quill pill challenge.
  The challenge is to make a quilled valentine card with a quilled pair on it. This is my first participation in the blog contests. Hope i do more in this.

Later added a shade for the birds.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quilled Roses on a waste paper

It was boring yesterday. I didnt have the card stock to do some quilling. So was just watching a movie for 5 mins but couldnt continue. I thought i can quill in any waste sheet and searched. I got this grey card. Quilled my roses on it. Today plan to shop here if i am not getting any good sheets, i will get atleast normal chart paper and continue my quilling.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fringed flower with a difference

Last week i made this type of flower using fringed tech. This is the first Quilling i did after my Baby Boy Jishnu.

Another Bouquet

I made this design with the remaining papers i had. i feel the colors are not that bright.

Fringed flower dandelions

I tried to make dandelions using fringed flower technique. I have framed this quilling

Quilling with parchment

I tried parchment embossing with quilling.. I had only little space to do parchment.

Flower Basket

Crimped flower

I made this design using crimper.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flower in Combing

I made this flower with combing tech.

I love to comb, but i didnt get patterns to do. So i made this out my own imagination. Guess it looks good

3D Guitar

My try in 3d quilling was successful. I made is guitar and gifted to my friend who plays guitar.

My new tools...

I purchased crimper, coach and quilling comb to explore more in quilling.

Quilling after my Marriage

After 2008, I started to quill in 2009 Feb. I did a mini bouquet like to gift it to my hubby..
My hubby liked it, but it was not up to my satisfaction.

Basket with a difference

I made the basket with pieces of hemisphere.

Quilled Tweety...

I started to Quill this tweety in an evening after coming from my office, daily spent an hour and completed in 3 days. When quilling these i didnt get good quality papers and also i didnt know where to get them. but some how managed.

My friend loved it a lot and i presented this to her itself..

Quilled Ganeshas!!!

My first ganesha was in Pink, then i tired to quill a bigger one in purple, but i didnt like it.. later in 2009 i did a modern Ganesha.. you can find all the three below,

above 2 i did few years back,  that is in 2008..:-)

This is the one i did for 2009 Ganesh Chathurthi..

Few close up of my first Quilling

These are few close ups from my previous blog. Those days i didnt have a cam to take pics. just took using my basic nokia mobile

Quilling at first...

In 2008 when i was in a PG while working as Software engineer, i wanted to engage my evenings in a creative way. so just while browsing the net i got this wonderful art "Quilling"
Every day i use to come early from office and do quilling.

My first tries in quilling was the below board.